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October 15, 2008



We're technically living in poverty too. I sometimes visit the local food feels kind of strange when I see donation baskets at the hospital or grocery store and I think I used to donate to those and now I use the donations. Am I really that poor? Do I feel that poor? Or do we still have the mentality of the family we grew up with and spend money on things we shouldn't because we truly can no longer afford them but are used to having them? Even though we don't have a lot to spend I still struggle with this consumerism thing..I can't stop buying things that we don't necessarily need.

Hey get this, people in Mercer pay $3.00 an hour for child care. That doesn't even seem worth it to me...I'm amazed at how little people value the raising of their children... If I did that, I would make almost as much as I could make in an hour in D.C. in just one day!

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