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Todd T

Make that four people who read. Remember you never know I'm here because (according to Elisa) I'm a "lurker". And all I have to say after reading this is "ARE YOU INSANE!" Having been throught the dissertation process with Courtney I feel for...Elisa :) No, I know that you're in for a wild fall. I hope that it all goes well for you. Please let me know how your weekend goes. I'm very intrigued.


Hang in there, buddy! If you love what you're doing, it won't really feel like work. Ok, not what you wanted to hear right now, but I only say it because you can't punch me in the face when I'm so far away! :) Love ya. C.


Reader number five misses you too. And I don't envy your upcoming year, but know you'll make it through and will be ready for a vacation next May!

Melissa Beth

Duane, I was wondering where you had gone, but figured you had simply "Found time to pray." I should have known you were just busy like the rest of us. Just kidding... that was really irreverent.

Melissa Beth

I want to second that comment about "Poor Elisa"... as she embarks upon the amazing task of homeschooling Cason while her helpmate is so busy. God is faithful and will see you through - all of you. :)


As reader #6, it was good to see an update and what all you are up against this year. I will continue to pray for you and Elisa as you struggle to balance school and family. I have complete confidence in you and know that a year from now, you will feel like a load has been lifted off your shoulders.

Susan L

Add me to the list of readers. You are more popular than you thought!

Melissa Beth

Thinkin' of you! Hope all is going well. You mentioned how you don't know who misses you... we miss you, but know that blogging is very low on your very long list of things to do. NO pressure, just a shout out!

Lisa Coles

Reader #7 here..."Kissin' Cousin" Lisa the "outlaw"...
Hang in there...I'm proud of you and wish you smooth sailing. I wish also that I had discovered my love of music and conducting earlier in my life so that I could have made it my fulltime career. Now I'm too old to go back to school. Maybe someday I can get a few pointers from you at a workshop when you're famous!
Love to the family.
Lisa (and Mike, too)

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