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Thomas J. Wilson

Well, our culture, which is centered around commerce, does everything within it's power to minimize the sanctity of everything, especially this most holiness of seasons (the holiness of which predates all religions that our culture is aware of). Don;t you understand that if people are focused on the spiritual, they are not focused on CONSUMING? Our position as consumers is, after all, our primary function in this society (just ask our leaders).

What we need is a return to our spiritual nature, but the media doesn't want it, because then we will spend time in contemplation rather than being entertained. The corporations, who subsidize the media don't want it, because then we will focus more on what we can become, rather than what we can obtain. The government CERTAINLY doesn't want it, because then we will become more focused on precepts of justice, equality, mercy, reason, and personal value, rather than the capitalistic, imperialistic, ethnocentrism that we inherited from the British (isn't the rejection of that very ideology what prompted the creation of our nation?)

No, we who are seeking our spiritual nature don't really stand a chance in our current culture. . .all the cards are stacked against us. . .we must choose to conform or not.

You know what I choose.

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