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Thomas J. Wilson

You are in SOOOOOOOOOOOO much trouble.

Chattanooga is like 85 miles from where we are.

LOVE the bookshelves. . .but now all your children will be reading is stuff from the gutter.

amy soupiset

What an awesome idea. We may have to steal it. And may I say, as a children's book buyer for a very cool bookstore, you have an awesome and diverse collection of children's books. Way to go!

Laura K.

Excellent idea! Saw a link to here from Alpha Mom. We are in the process of doing my son's 'big kid' room, and I am totally stealing your museum-stolen idea. Thanks!


Love the rain gutter shelves. Can you email me a list if materials?


Looks like the great Jim Trelease brought this idea to the masses back in 2001. Enjoy the reading...


I was visiting an amazing school a couple months ago. The principal had rain gutter shelves displaying hundreds of books in his office. I'm eager to implement this in my Kindergarten classroom.

Would you mind emailing a list of materials you used to complete the project?


Can you please e-mail list of materials and possible instructions. Do you have a youtube video showing how to make these?


Hi! I actually dont have a list of materials. We literally used rain gutters from Home Depot, with end caps. I cut them to size with a hand saw, and mounted them on the wall. Thats it! Good luck.

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