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i think you're right about faith in christ in those poor parts of the world. god gives where he finds empty hands.

here's jenkins' lengthy article for the atlantic, which grew into his book "the next christendom" -- absolutely a must-read!


I found that article myself, but I'm not a subscriber so I couldn't read it.


whatt?!?! hey -- they make you subscribe now to read the article. yeeeeesh!


i read jenkin's book last year, and i think it raises all kinds of good questions for the church. the biggest thing i came away thinking was how "western" we christians in the usa and europe have made the gospel over the last few centuries. given that, it's amazing to me that despite the cultural trappings we like to add to jesus' message, people globally continue to respond to Him. i think that's because the pure gospel is truly void of nationalistic sentiment and people in asia, africa, and latin america are coming to understand that following jesus isn't about accepting "white man religion"--but that it's about a transforming personal encounter with God that changes how one lives in the world and in community. Aleluia for the work of God in the global south!


i agree with you about the "pure gospel" being void of the "whiteness" we tend to put in it. being a (recovering) baptist, i am all too familiar with the missionary movements in the 19th and 20th century that, while doing much good, brought this "white" religion east and south. that has changed a lot these days, and people like my friend steven nicholson with ServLife in south africa are part of it. what i'm truly fascinated by are the groups of believers sending missionaries our way (to the u.s., that is)!

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