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Look for Berry Alvis...He has a blog, but I do not know it off the top of my head...He lives and has a church in Lewisville. Hope that helps!


Ok, here is his blog:

Good luck!


I just sent this email to Sean:

Ed Young, Jr. has a church out here called Fellowship Church ( ... The main campus is in Grapevine (between Dallas and Fort Worth) but there are other campuses in Plano and Uptown Dallas.

I would strongly recommend Grace Church ( in Frisco (far North Dallas), which is in the SGM camp moreso than ECM. I would also really recommend Watermark Church ( which shares characteristics of both gatherings.

Axxess Church ( is a true-blue ECM located in Arlington.

I have to be honest, though... I'm not so much a fan of the ECM. He can always come hang out with me in a PCA church! (LOL)


i recommend that you plant an emergent church. :-')


heh. that's the funniest thing i've heard in approximately six years and five months.


Don't know 'em - just heard of 'em.

p soup

you should also ask Lacey at Emergent Village. She could easily point you to metroplex emergers.

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