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Ask a dozen Christians what the Gospel message is, and 12 of them will describe something close to John 3:16. “God loved you so he sent Jesus to die so you could be forgiven of your sins and have a personal relationship with him and go to heaven when you die.” (That’s not exactly what John 3:16 says, but I believe it is probably close to most people’s understanding of the Gospel.)

I think you are right in that we Christians don't have a clear understanding of what the "Good News" of the gospel is and therefor fail to articulate and spread this message to others. I think the Good News is Transformation - Jesus shows us we are not hopelessly imprisioned by the person we have already become and that the kingdom of heaven is here on earth for us to experience now. Also, I believe that we "go out" and minister to others in response to the love that God has already given us. The more we heal and transform, the easier it is to minister to others.

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