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Elisa Cottrell

Part of me is speechless, part of me is seething...

Glad to know that Rick still seems to be making good financial choices. Sucks that he's lumped in there with the rest of them.

I just keep thinking about the horse and buggy analogy you shared with me... the horse and buggy were at it's best when the car was invented. It doesn't seem that these mega-churches can get any better, but I think -- I hope-- that the car is in the process of being invented. The poop from the horses is killing me!


Ummm... not sure why you got three trackbacks! I'm using a new blogging software, and I guess I don't have it figured out quite yet. Anyway, it took me a while to get three trackbacks... think of it as my way of contributing to your new blog's success. :) See you soon?


This is at the root of my current crisis with church-as-we-know-it.

The real question is what to do. We see the commercialism and the poor witness we are to the world. How do we change it?

- Can we be change elements to take our communities in different directions?

- Is it time to "jump ship" and start our own communities with different priorities and values?

- How can we keep from becoming the very thing we dislike? Many "emerging" groups seem to experience the same things. The praise service may feel more sincere and the coffee may be better, but the values and priorities are much the same - me, me and me.

The discussion then becomes - "How then shall we live?"

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